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Abouthotelier.com - Online Chekin
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Start the check in/registration by typing your name or your booking number. Your confirmation number will be sent to you via email, while completing the reservation.

Adding New Guests

Select the guest-to-be-checked-in from the list by choosing YES or NO for each client. Please consider having to enter passport details or other type of information that is required by your destination’s Principles.


Please find your booking details on the confirmation you received via email. You can see the type of the room, your check-in - check-out dates and other booking information. The rooms map cannot be displayed. Your booking is now confirmed and you will have to complete the check-in/registration while entering the hotel.


Please select the country of your nationality from the list provided.


The check-in was not completely successful. Please read the information and instructions on this screen and continue.


Please read over the details on the confirmation card you received for your stay. Print the card or send it out.

Thank You

Your check-in is complete. Read over the information displayed on this page, press Finish (Exit) or continue to next check-ins by choosing “select a reservation”. Have a nice day!